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Sunday, April 24, 2011

News Flash Buffalo Springfield plans to Reunite and Tour this Fall

By Ray Shasho

Twitter released a Rolling Stone statement- by David Crosby on Thursday evening announcing the unification of Buffalo Springfield. The band will tour again for the first time since calling it quits in 1968.
The classic rock mega- group only lasted three-years but left a string of classic hits. Buffalo Springfield was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997.
Original members Neil Young, Stephen Stills, and Richie Furay are set to tour this fall.

Crosby said of Stephen Stills...
"I think he is excited, and I’ve got to tell you, I didn’t get to see them live, but I watched clips and Richie Furay- I got to tell you man, he is so happy onstage and is such a joyful energy."
Then Crosby added...
“He really sparked that thing, and I think it was a very pleasant experience for Neil and Stephen both. I know they’re going to go out for at least some dates in the fall. Personally, I’d like to go watch. They’re one of my favorite bands.”
Richie Furay's manager David Spero also confirmed the reunion tour discussions with Rolling Stone. Spero remarked...

There certainly are discussions to that effect.”

Buffalo Springfield reunited last year for The Bridge School Benefit in Mountain View California and there were rumors circling back then that they would tour.
At the Benefit concert, a reunited Springfield played their hits “For What It’s Worth,” “Rock and Roll Woman,”  “Mr. Soul”, “Burned,” and “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing.”   

David Crosby even hinted that he’d like to add his old band “The Byrds” to the tour. But he said ex frontman Roger McGuinn probably wouldn’t agree to it. The other original members Gene Clark and Michael Clarke have passed away.

And what about new- Buffalo Springfield material you say, well anything is possible. David Crosby wasn’t too optimistic in his Rolling Stone interview, but then again I remember when Stephen Stills formed Manassas during his stint with CSN.

I’ll have to contact my good friend Joe Lala in Tampa tomorrow. He was the percussionist for Stephen’s band- Manassas and Crosby Stills Nash and Young.
Hopefully, Joe will keep us informed.  

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