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Thursday, June 6, 2024



T R I N I 


(May 15, 1937 – August 11, 2020)







-Interviewed November 28th 2014

Trini Lopez is an international music legend best known for recording classic covers and converting them into danceable songs by adding his own special spin and flavor. Lopez not only makes those notable tunes danceable, but he usually outsells all other artists who have also covered those songs including the recordings by the original songwriters. Born in Dallas, Texas, his Father Trinidad Lopez II was a singer, dancer, actor, and musician in Mexico. Trini’s parents moved to Dallas when his dad was eighteen seeking a better life. Trini learned to play guitar from his father and played for money on street corners. He eventually began performing in clubs around the affluent parts of Dallas.

Lopez even performed at a club owned by the notorious Jack Ruby.
A true rock and roll visionary … Lopez uncannily wrote and recorded a song called “The Right to Rock” released on a small label called Volk Records in 1958. After hearing the single, King Records offered Trini a three-year contract. The only chart hit for Lopez on the King Records label was a Skyliners cover called “Since I Don’t Have You,” Trini’s rendition reached #10 on the Cashbox and Billboard charts. 
After one of Trini’s performances Lopez met with another Texan, rock and roll pioneer Buddy Holly. Holly tried to help Trini by inviting him to meet with his record producer in Clovis, New Mexico. Lopez became great friends with Buddy Holly and The Crickets. Holly was killed in a plane crash along with Richie Valens and The Big Bopper on February 3rd 1959. Several months after the crash, Lopez received a phone call to come out to Hollywood, California to become the new lead singer of The Crickets. The Crickets plans never materialized and Lopez took a job at the Ye Little Club in Beverly Hills. The one-year run led to a historic engagement at the famous PJ’S nightclub. It was at PJ’S where Lopez landed his big break.
Frank Sinatra took notice of Trini’s one-man act and had Don Costaoffer him an eight-year recording contract on Sinatra’s label Reprise Records.
  Trini’s first two albums were recorded live at PJ’S and successfully launched an incredible music and acting career for the impending international superstar. Trini’s most recognizable Hit Singles … “If I Had a Hammer” (#3 Billboard U.S. Hit-1963 -Reached #1 in 36 countries), “I'm Coming Home Cindy” (#39 Billboard Hit-1966), “Michael, (#42 Billboard Hit-1964), “Lemon Tree” (#20 Billboard Hit-1965) “Kansas City” (#23 Billboard Hit-1963), “America,” “La Bamba”(1966) “Gonna Get Along With Out Ya’ Now” (1967),  and The Bramble Bush (1967) to name just a few. (Trini’s music was also spotlighted on various soundtracks including... Apollo 13, Born on the Fourth of July and numerous others).

Trini Lopez acting career …

Marriage on the Rocks (1965), The Dirty Dozen (1967), The Phynx (1970), The Reluctant Heroes (TV Movie -1971), Adam-12 (TV Series 1971-1972), Antonio (1973), The Mystery of the Silent Scream (1977), The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries (TV Series 1977).  

Trini Lopez incredible string of TV appearances …

The Greatest Ever War Films (TV Movie documentary) 2014, Trini Lopez Presents Latin Music Legends (TV Movie) 2009, American High School (Video) 2009, Armed and Deadly: The Making of 'The Dirty Dozen' (Video documentary short) 2006, The Best of Music Flashback Television Shows: Featuring Music Scene and Hullabaloo (Video documentary short) 2001, Refrescante 95 (TV Series) 1995, Prima Donnas  1995, Querida Concha (TV Series) 1993, ,Musikladen (TV Series) 1981, A Gift of Music (TV Movie) 1981, Sha Na Na (TV Series) 1978, 1971-1976 The Mike Douglas Show (TV Series), 1976 Celebration: The American Spirit (TV Movie), 1975 Rock on with 45 (TV Series), 1970-1974 The Merv Griffin Show (TV Series), Caesar's Palace Week from Las Vegas (1974), 1972-1974 Stand Up and Cheer (TV Series)

1965-1973 The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson (TV Series), 1971-1972 The David Frost Show (TV Series),1970 The Dick Cavett Show (TV Series), 1970 Playboy After Dark (TV Series), 1968-1970 The Carol Burnett Show (TV Series),1967-1969 The Joey Bishop Show (TV Series),1968 The Song Is You (TV Movie), 1967 Operation Dirty Dozen (Short documentary),1967 Spotlight (TV Series),1967 The London Palladium Show (TV Series),1967 The Dean Martin Show (TV Series),1966-1967 The Andy Williams Show (TV Series),1967 Gypsy (TV Series),1966The Jack Benny Hour (TV Movie),1966 Hippodrome (TV Series) Host 1966 Danger Grows Wild, 1966 The Sammy Davis, Jr. Show (TV Series),1965-1966 Hullabaloo (TV Series) (Host), 1965 Marriage on the Rocks, 1965 What's My Line? (TV Series) - Mystery Guest, 1964-1965 The Ed Sullivan Show (TV Series), 1964-1965 The Hollywood Palace (TV Series), 1964 The Bob Hope Show (TV Series),1964 The Bob Hope Thanksgiving Special (TV Special), 1963 Celebrity Party (TV Movie) The Gibson guitar company asked Trini Lopez to design a guitar for them in 1964.

The Trini Lopez Standard, a rock and roll model based on the Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow body, and the Lopez Deluxe, a variation of a Gibson jazz guitar designed by Barney Kessel. Both were in production from 1964 until 1971 and are highly sought out collector items. Some owners of the guitar include Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Noel Gallagher of Oasis. Trini’s last few albums … (2008) ‘Ramblin' Man’ and (2011) ‘Into the Future’ have been critically acclaimed. ‘Into the Future’ was Trini’s 65th celebrated album of his illustrious musical career. Trini Lopez and Exhibit Records announced the release of a Special 50th Anniversary Numbered Limited Edition of ‘TRINI LOPEZ AT PJ’S The 200-gram vinyl record is beautifully presented in a sturdy old style gatefold jacket featuring the original album art work and for the first time includes the lyrics to all the tunes. The back of each album is foil-stamped with its unique number, and available to purchase at Exhibit Records.

rack listing:  Side One: A-me-ri-ca, If I Had a Hammer, Bye Bye Blackbird, Cielito Lindo, This Land Is Your Land, What'd I Say Side Two: La Bamba, Granada, MEDLEY: Gotta Travel On, Down by the Riverside, Marianne, When the Saints Go Marching In, Volare, Unchain My Heart. 

Trini Lopez - guitar, vocals

Mickey Jones - drums

Dick Brant - bass guitar

Producer: Don Costa

Recorded at PJ'S nightclub, West Hollywood, California

‘TRINI LOPEZ AT PJ’S reached #2 on the Billboard charts and remained on the Top 40 for over a year.

I had the rare and very pleasant opportunity to chat with Trini Lopez recently about … The 50th Anniversary of ‘Trini Lopez at PJ’S’ …Buddy Holly … King Records … The Crickets …Don Costa … Signing with Sinatra …The Dirty Dozen … And much-much more!

Here’s my interview with the legendary singer, musician, songwriter, actor, and one of the most exciting and recognized entertainers worldwide …TRINI LOPEZ





-By Literary Titan (5) STARS

The Rock Star Chronicles by Ray Shasho, is a splendid book written by a music enthusiast who has poured their heart and soul into it. It’s a story of a boy who loved rock music, and his obsessive passion of it earned himself the name Rock Raymond. He went to school but instead was schooled in all matters of music while his peers were buried chin-deep in coursework. He then became a radio DJ and has now compiled a book on all interviews he held with Rock gods who raided the airwaves back in the 70s and 80s. It’s a compilation of interviews with outstanding vocalists, legendary guitarists and crazy drummers in the rock music scene. Each interview gives a reader an in-depth view into their personal lives and the philosophies that guide their lives which all serve to humanize these great icons. For readers who are old enough to call themselves baby boomers this book will bring old memories back to life. Millennials, on the other hand, may think of this book as a literal work of the Carpool Karaoke show. 

The Rock Star Chronicles is a book I didn’t know I was waiting for. To come across a book that will talk me into trying something new. One brave enough to incite me to venture into new frontiers. This book made me a believer- I am now a bona fide Rock and Roll music fan. 

Ray Shasho masterfully gets the interviewees talking. He smartly coaxes answers from them with crafty questions designed to get a story rolling out of them. The artists talk about diverse issues ranging from music, politics, and their social engagements. Having been on the music seen all his life, Ray Shasho knows the buttons to press, how to get them comfortable about talking about their lives. 

The book’s cover is befitting of its subject matter with the leather look offering a royal background to the golden letter print. It speaks to how high a level rock music holds in the pecking order- arguably, modern music as we know it has originated from blues and rock music.  The second noteworthy thing is the use of high-definition pictures to reference the musician being interviewed in every sub-chapter. This ensures that the book is for both original rock and roll lovers and aspiring new ones. Together is makes for a refreshing and consistently enjoyable read.

I recommend this book to rock music enthusiasts, aspiring musicians wondering what it takes and all readers curious to learn new things by going back in time.   

Gold Award Winner



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